How do I apply for Child Support?

How do I apply for Child Support?

If you wish to begin a new support case or reopen an old case the following documents are required to be completed and submitted to Montgomery County DRS. 

Required Documents To Apply For Support

You must complete the required forms: 

  • Application for Support Services
  • Intake Information Questionnaire/Data Sheet
  • Complaint for Support 

The forms must be legibly completed, in their entirety.  If the request includes APL you must also submit a time-stamped copy of the Divorce Complaint or Answer and Counterclaim.  

The date of filing will be the date that all required filing forms are received by Montgomery County DRS.

 To complete a filing you will need to provide all required documents and participate in a Remote Intake Interview.  If the Respondent does not reside in Montgomery County (PA) additional forms and documents may be required to proceed with the support request.  Upon the documents being received you will be contacted to schedule the Intake Interview. 

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