What information do I need to provide for the support conference?

What information do I need to provide for the virtual support conference?

To prepare for your upcoming conference, you must provide our office with the following information/documentation NO LATER THAN (7) DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED VIRTUAL CONFERENCE DATE AND TIME NOTED ON THE ORDER OF COURT:

  • You are required to submit the below applicable documents to our office (7) days prior to your scheduled conference:
    • A copy of your current valid driver’s license or other photo identification (i.e. Passport, school ID);
    • A true copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax Return, including W-2s, as filed;
    • Your pay stubs for the preceding six (6) months;
    • Net income from business or dealings in property;
    • All business tax returns with all schedules and attachments, if applicable;
    • Verification of child care expenses;
    • Proof of medical coverage which you may have, or may have available to you;
    • If a physician has determined that a medical condition affects your ability to earn income you must obtain a Physician Verification Form, sign it, and have it completed by your doctor;
    • Information relating to professional licenses

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