Why is suspension and expulsion data being collected?

In efforts to better understand provider issues and establish a consensus based on overall statistics, this information is being collected as a means of data collection to establish an average baseline of disciplinary action needed at provider facilities.  


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1. What is the Childcare Operation Recovery Grant Program?
2. How much funding has been allocated for the program?
3. Who is eligible for the childcare grant?
4. What are the basic eligibility requirements for childcare and before- or after-care providers?
5. Is there alternative grant funding if my facility is not licensed by DHS/OCDEL?
6. How are grant sizes determined for eligible provider groups?
7. Are childcare programs for school-aged children also eligible to apply for the grant?
8. Does a licensed provider have to be in business for a certain length of time to apply?
9. Will the STAR level be a factor in determining grant eligibility?
10. Why is suspension and expulsion data being collected?
11. What is the deadline to apply for the Childcare Grant Operation Recovery program?
12. Are there any excluded expenses under the grant program?
13. Will grant recipients be audited?