Shaken Baby PSA Video

Shaken Baby Public Service Announcement

The facts:

1. One in four violently shaken babies dies from this form of child maltreatment.
2. Newborns to 4 months are at greatest risk of severe injury or death from shaking and head trauma.
3. Inconsolable crying is the primary trigger for shaking a baby.
4. Severe injury or death from violent shaking is 100% preventable!
What to do if you are feeling stressed by your crying baby:
1. Put the child down in a safe place (crib, pack n' play, etc).Walk away long enough to calm down.
2. Baby will be fine for a few minutes while you breathe, relax and calm yourself.
3. Moms and Dads need to understand vulnerability of a baby - How delicate this tiny life is.
4. Use only responsible caregivers and babysitters for assistance.
5. Have another person to talk to (parent, grandparent, bother, sister, friend or neighbor) when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

You can save a life or prevent serious injury to a child by sharing this video and spreading the word - PLEASE DON'T SHAKE THE BABY!