Wissahickon Trail

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 Be cautious when travelling on the Wissahickon Trail after rainstorms.  There may be standing water and hazardous conditions such as mud and stones.  


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Controlled Pet Walk
Horseback Riding
Winter Trail Use
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Length: 12.6 miles
Width: 8-12 feet
Surface: Asphalt or hard cinder pavement

About the Trail

The Wissahickon Trail, also known as the Green Ribbon Preserve Trail, will run from the Liberty Bell Trail in the North Penn area to Philadelphia’s Forbidden Drive Trail in the Fairmount Park System. The trail is currently an existing walking path that stretches along the Wissahickon Creek from Stenton Avenue in Whitemarsh Township to a point near Lansdale Borough.

The Wissahickon Trail will be developed for multi-use between Forbidden Drive and Fort Washington State Park, where it will intersect with the Cross County Trail. Beyond Fort Washington, the trail will remain a walking path to protect the environmentally sensitive nature of the Wissahickon Valley. This portion of the creek valley passes through a serene landscape, with few road crossings, which has been substantially preserved through the efforts of the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association. Additional acquisitions and easements will be necessary to fully implement the multi-use and walking path portions of the trail.

A paved half-mile section was completed in 2008 along Northwestern Avenue in front of Morris Arboretum. This section also uses existing sidewalks to connect to Philadelphia's Forbidden Drive Trail in the Fairmount Park System. In addition, a two-mile section within Fort Washington State Park was widened to 12 feet. Currently, this section of trail stretches from the intersection of Stenton Avenue and West Valley Green Road to the state park's Militia Hill area.

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