Department Heads

Department Head
Adult Probation
Kathleen Subbio
Assets & Infrastructure
Jesse S. King
Assets & Infrastructure - Capital Projects
David Hahn
Board of Assessment
Joseph S. Foster
CommerceStephen Forster
Megan Alt
Community Connections 
Elizabeth DiArcangelo
Conservation District
Jessica Buck
Correctional Facility
Sean P. McGee
Court Administration
Michael Kehs
Court Administration
Alexandra Hasapes
Courts - Law Library
Jeanne Ottinger
District Justice
John Savoth
Diversity Equity & Inclusion
Donna Richemond
Domestic Relations
Jaime Trupp
Drug & Alcohol Linda Moore-Singleton
Early Learning Resource Center
Jeanine Moser
Dean Dortone 
Health & Human Services
Dr. Tamra Williams
HHS - Community Information and Education
Kristen Fisher
HHS - Finance & Administration

HHS - Managed Care Solutions
LeeAnn Moyer
HHS - Performance & Planning
Andrea Galambos
Housing & Community Development
Kayleigh Silver
Human Resources
Catherine Halen
Information & Technology Solutions
Anthony Olivieri
Integrative Services
James Walters
Juvenile Probation
Catherine Zalenski
Office of Children & Youth
Nadine Miller
Office of Public Health 
Christina Miller
OPH - Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/Early Intervention
Pam Howard
Planning Commission
Scott France
Pretrial Services
Doug Coppin
Parks, Trails & Historic Sites
David Clifford
Public Defender
Christine Lora
Public Safety
Michael Vest
Joseph Coco
Recovery Office
Thomas Bonner
Retirement Board
Steven Potynski
Roads & Bridges
Thomas O'Brien
Robert Robbins
Senior Services
Jennifer Barnhart
Raymond McGarry (Interim)
Supervision ServicesStephanie Heitman Landes
Tax Claim Bureau
Jason Salus
Veteran Affairs
Dennis Miller
Voter Services
Francis Dean (Interim)
Youth Center
Joseph Viti