New Approach to Mental Health Care

New Approach to Mental Health Care The process represents an aggressive change in how we are working to support these individuals. It is a team approach that has the community mental health providers taking a proactive role in planning for incarcerated mental health clients.

The process redefines the role that Montgomery County Emergency Services has historically provided for this group. Montgomery County Emergency Services will now be in the role of utilizing their forensic expertise in a collaborative planning process with the community mental health providers. The process also outlines a change for the staff at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. It provides the opportunity for the Montgomery County Correctional Facility clinical staff to identify the mental health needs of their clients and make recommendations to community mental health providers.

The county OHM is defined as having an active role in this process as well. County staff will provide a level of coordination and monitoring to ensure that the clients’ needs are being met. The process will also include probation officers so that they can be involved in planning for mental health clients on their caseloads.

Team Approach to Mental Health Care

This new procedure is based strongly on a team approach, which includes input from all members involved. We believe this collaborative effort to be very much in line with the recovery principles that are guiding the services provided to mental health clients in Montgomery County.