WebCAD Standards and Abbreviations

The following is a list of standards for abbreviations and formats for radio aliases. Following these guidelines will help reduce confusion between County dispatchers and field personnel.

P CH53Chief 53's PortableM CH53Mobile in Chiefs 53 vehicle
P DC53Deputy Chief 53's PortableM DC53Mobile in Deputy Chiefs vehicle
P AC53Assistant Chief 53's PortableM E53Mobile in Engine 53 (1st Engine)
P AC53-1First Assistant Chief 53's PortableM E53-1Mobile in Engine 53-1 (second Engine)
P1 E531st Portable in Engine 53M T53Mobile in Tanker 53
P2 E532nd Portable in Engine 53M QRS71Mobile in QRS 71
P1 E53-11st Portable in Engine 53

P FP53-11st Fire Police Portable

P FP53-22nd Fire Police PortableFD53 StationThe base station at Station 53
Officer AbbreviationsApparatus Abbreviations (Continued)
CHChiefFPFire Police
DCDeputy ChiefHMHazMat
ACAssistant ChiefLLadder
BCBattalion ChiefMCMotorcycle
CTCaptainMUMarine Unit
FMFire MarshallQTQuint
FPFire PoliceRRescue
SASafety OfficerSDSquad
Apparatus AbbreviationsSNSnorkel
AirAirSOSpecial Operations Unit
BikeBicycleSSSpecial Service
CNCanteenTCTac Officer
DUDive UnitTRTraffic