Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer on Election Day

Elections are not possible without engaged citizens! Montgomery County utilizes approximately 2,300 residents per election to help run our polling locations & canvass mail-in ballots. 

Each polling locations is staffed by a team of at least 5 people -  a Judge of Elections, Majority Inspector, Minority Inspector, a Machine Operator and a Clerk. Some polling locations may have additional Machine Operators based on the number of citizens they serve; and some may have an additional Clerk. The Judge of Elections & both Inspectors are elected into those positions and serve a four year term. You must be a registered Montgomery County voter to become a Poll Worker, but some high school students may also be eligible to serve as a Student Poll Worker

For more information about becoming a Poll Worker, please click here

Mail-In Ballot canvassers assist on Election Day by opening envelopes of accepted ballots & unfolding the paper ballot. This takes place on Election Day and is performed under the supervision of certified Party Representatives, Solicitors and full-time Voter Services Staff. 

For more information about becoming a Mail-In Ballot Canvasser, please contact us.

Other Opportunities

Interested in volunteering this election season? Here are some places you can get involved: