Poll Workers

Poll Workers are an integral part of our democratic process. We thank those who have served and encourage those who are interested to submit an application.

To be a Poll Worker, residents must meet the following requirements under the PA Election Code:

  • Be a registered voter in Montgomery County 
  • Cannot be employed by any branch of Government at the Federal, State, County or Municipal level
  • Cannot hold public office, serve on any public commissions or boards or be a current candidate for public office

The PA Election Code does permit High School students who are 17 years of age to serve at the polls in specific capacities. Please scroll down for more information about Student Poll Workers. 

Poll Workers are permitted to hold positions within their political party such as Committee person or Municipal Chair. 

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Polling locations are typically staffed by a minimum of five (5) Election Officials, all of whom are registered to vote in Montgomery County:


The Judge of Election is in charge of all Election Day activities and personnel inside the polls, including the Constable or Deputy Constable. The Judge opens and closes the polls and is responsible for the paperwork and delivering the election supplies to the satellite station.


Along with the Minority Inspector, this inspector will manage the poll books and issue ballots to the eligible voters. The Majority Inspector is so named as the Inspector receiving the most votes at the election.


Along with the Majority Inspector, this inspector will manage the poll books and issue ballots to eligible voters. The Minority Inspector is so named as the Inspector receiving the second most votes at the election. Additionally, the Minority Inspector is expected to appoint a Minority Clerk and sign the provisional ballot envelope. Also, a copy of the election results and numbered list of voters are to be kept in a sealed envelope by the Minority Inspector for two years.


The Clerk is appointed by the Minority Inspector and may be assigned to fill in the Numbered List of Voters tablet, direct voters to the proper stations, or perform other administrative tasks.


The Machine Operator is appointed by the Judge of Election and is from the same political party of which the Judge of Election is a member. The number of voting machines determines the number of Machine Operators allowed. The Machine Operator is stationed near the scanning device and provides operational instructions to voters


High School students who are at least 17 years old, in good academic standing, and U.S. citizens and residents of Montgomery County, may apply to work in a Polling Location as a Clerk or Machine Operator on Election Day. Training is provided and students are also compensated for their time. Interested students must complete an application to be placed in a polling location, and placements are offered on a first come, first served basis. Pennsylvania law allows for two (2) students to be placed per polling location. Students must submit a permission slip in order to apply to participate in this program. High School students who currently are or will be 18 years of age by Election Day, must also be registered to vote in Montgomery County.

Click here to download the Student Poll Worker permission slip.

Also present in most polling locations:


The Elected Constable of the township or borough appoints the Election Day Constable. This appointment must be approved by the Court prior to Election Day and the Deputy Constable must be able to produce a certificate when appearing at the polls to work. Under no circumstances are Deputy Constables appointed the day of election either by the elected Constable or the Judge of Elections. As with all other members of the local election board, Constables (elected or appointed) work under the direction of the Judge.

Poll Workers should be comfortable interacting with the public and prepared to work long hours. Working the polls is a great way to serve your community and participate in the civic process.