Become a Volunteer

Emergency Volunteers

The Montgomery County Department of Public Safety and the Montgomery County Department of Health are seeking volunteers to assist the county during a time of emergency. If faced with a large-scale public health or other emergency, local resources will quickly be exhausted. Public health entities and hospitals simply won't be able to sustain an effective response without your help.

We are developing a force of pre-identified, trained, and credentialed medical, behavioral health, and lay person volunteers for a variety of duties. Complete our volunteer form and submit as indicated on the form (para el español). Our staff will be in touch with you to provide you with information regarding training and public health preparedness and response activities that will improve the health of our communities.


Helping others feels good, and helps you feel good about yourself. Your local Red Cross and other recognized volunteer organizations can work with you to provide rewarding experiences, opportunities to utilize your talents, or provide training to help you serve your community.

After a Disaster

Before going to volunteer at a relief organization, hospital, or disaster site after a disaster, wait for instructions from local officials. Be patient. After a disaster, there are often many people waiting to volunteer. There may be a greater need for volunteers in the weeks and months after a disaster.