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Tips for Attorneys

Support officers see clients for scheduled conferences only. A conference is scheduled when a custodial parent or spouse files a complaint for support or when either party files a petition for modification.

Please supply your nine-digit case number and 10-digit member ID number (or Social Security number) for all telephone calls, email correspondence, letters, and office appearances. You can find your case and member ID numbers on correspondence from our office.

The Official Quick Tip Reference Guide to Domestic Relations

If you have reason to believe the obligor will not collect certified mail, avoid a delay and arrange for personal service. If you need assistance finding a process server, please contact us at 610-278-3646.

If the support obligor is not a Pennsylvania resident, please review the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) statutes to determine the appropriate forum in which to proceed. Review in particular the Pennsylvania long arm statute at 23 Pa. C.S.A. §7201.

Establishing Arrears

Before agreeing to remit any arrears balances, be sure to determine what, if any, arrears are owed to the Department of Public Welfare. The custodial parent is not authorized to remit any arrears that accrued while receiving public assistance:

  • Include all health insurance information when submitting agreement that includes medical provisions. 
  • Be sure to use the corrected order when entering an allocated or unallocated order. 
  • Encourage clients to utilize electronic funds transfers and direct deposit services to speed up payment processing. 
  • Support payments must be processed through the state collection and disbursement unit. “Direct Pay” orders should not be entered. 
  • Be sure to address any credit balances in the agreement you enter. Please contact the attorney liaison to address and resolve any credit balances. 
  • Payment on the monthly amount of the order and arrears is due the date the order is entered. Having your client pay for the first month right away will prevent the arrears from becoming overdue and cause enforcement remedies to kick in. 
  • Send all inquires to
  • Be sure to give copies of any equitable distribution orders and property settlement orders that contain support provisions, to the Domestic Relations Office. 

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