Temporary Food Service License (Special Events)

A temporary event operates for a period of no more than 14 consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration. In compliance with Montgomery County Public Health Code (MCPHC), Chapter IV Food Protection, an application for a temporary food service establishments must be submitted to Montgomery County Office of Public Health (OPH) at least 10 working days prior to the first day of the event so paperwork can be processed. A temporary food facility that operates no more than 3 calendar days within a calendar year is exempt from submitting an application but not from following the Temporary Food Service Guidelines.

If the event lasts four or more days, or if a vendor operates four or more days in a calendar year, a Temporary Food Service License (Special Event) Packet must be completed.

Non-Temporary Outdoor Food/Beverage Vendors

This packet is intended for food and or beverage vendors at outdoor venues running longer than 14 days at a fixed location in conjunction with an event, such as a beer garden. All vendors must be approved and are subject to inspection prior to opening.  All individual vendors are responsible for submitting all applications and fee to OPH as well as ensuring compliance with the appropriate local municipality.  

Application for Vendor License must be made 30 business days prior to the date planned for opening. Please submit fee for a Non-Temporary Vendor (B license) along with an application to OPH.