Individual Water Supply Well Permitting

Standards for Individual Water Supply Wells

The Montgomery County Health Department (MCHD) has established standards for the location, construction, and quality of individual water supply wells and system installation, as set forth in the MCHD Public Health Code, Chapter 17 and MCHD Construction Specifications. Any drinking water, irrigation and geothermal well in Montgomery County must have an MCHD permit prior to installation.


Monitoring, agricultural, test wells are exempt from this requirement.

Phases of Permitting Process

Permit to Construct

The Permit to Construct is the first of three phases of the permitting process that requires residents to submit an Individual Water Supply System application packet. An application must be filed on behalf of the current property owner or equitable owner. A Permit to Construct consists of the following information:

On-Site Inspection

An on-site inspection is the second phase in the permitting process. MCHD Environmental Health Specialists (EHSs) meet with the driller and observe the grouting process of the well installation. In addition the EHSs ensure the well was installed according to current guidelines.

Approval to Operate the Individual Water Supply

An Approval to Operate the Individual Water Supply is the final phase in the permitting process. An Approval to Operate shall be issued by MCHD within seven working days upon receipt of the following information:

Testing and Treatments

Miscellaneous Forms