Farmer's Market Vendor

Farmers MarkerVendor Definition

A vendor is defined as a facility that is operating as part of an interim market. These facilities are not permanent structures and are assembled and disassembled routinely at one location.

Exempt Vendors

Licensing and inspections is not required for vendors that sell only whole uncut produce (raw agricultural products) or pre-packaged Non-Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food (TCS)  (non-perishable food products). If that describes your business, you do not have to fill out any paperwork and need not proceed any further.

Note: Providing a small amount of sampling of raw agricultural products is permissible.

Non-Exempt Vendors

Vendors who cut produce for sale, sell unpackaged/opened baked goods, prepare food for sale on-site or sell perishable food products are required to obtain a license and undergo inspections. If your business engages in any of the described activities, you must complete the Farmer’s Market Vendor Application and submit applicable fee 30 days PRIOR to the market opening.

Mobilized Vendors

Mobilized vendors (any operation that moves around with the same exact setup and equipment from market to market) are required to complete a Plan Review Packet.

Plan Review Packet for Mobile Food Service Establishments