General Guidelines

General Rules & Program Guidelines
  • You will travel to and from work by the quickest route, with no stops.
  • You will not, while outside the institution, visit family and friends.
  • You will not partake in the use of any type of drugs unless prescribed or approved by a physician.
  • You will not drink any intoxicating beverages (including beer and alcohol-based cold remedies).
  • You hereby agree to maintain gainful employment.
  • You hereby agree to submit to a urine test when directed by the facility administrators.
    • You agree and were informed that any cost for the urine drug testing program will be deducted from your inmate and/or work release account.
  • You will not enter any establishment that serves alcoholic beverages.
  • Failure to return directly to the institution can result in being charged with escape.
  • All inmates must turn in all monies, pay checks, cash tips, etc.
  • During any search, items found that are not permitted will be confiscated.
  • Inmates are not permitted to walk off the facility grounds. (The bus schedule is posted on the bulletin board.)
Failure to abide by the above rules and regulations can result in removal from the program and loss of any and all “good time” by the disciplinary hearing board. If you have any questions pertaining to these general guidelines, refer to inmate guidelines or submit a request slip.

Allowable Items
The following items are only permitted after approval and acceptance into the Work Release Program.
  • Alarm clock (small) - 1
  • Belt - 1
  • Cosmetic items / personal hygiene items (keeping with the existing commissary list)
  • Electric shaver
  • Gloves - 1 pair
  • Hat - 1
  • Hair dryer / curling iron - 1
  • Jacket - 1 (seasonal)
  • Pajamas - 1 pair
  • Personal towels - 2 (non-white)
  • Robe - 1
  • Shower shoe - 1 pair
  • Sneakers - 1 pair
  • Socks - 10 pair (marked)
  • Sweatshirt - 1 (for exercise)
  • Sweat pants - 1 pair (for exercise)
  • Thermals - 2 pair (marked)
  • Undershirts - 10 (marked)
  • Underwear - 10 pair (marked)
  • Work boots or shoes - 1 pair
  • Work clothes - 5 sets