Mandated and Permissive Reporters

Mandated and Permissive Reporters

Whether you are someone required by law to report suspected child abuse (mandated reporter) or someone able and encouraged but not required by law to report suspected child abuse (permissive reporter), take action when you have reasonable cause to suspect that a child is a victim of child abuse.

  • If the child is in immediate danger call 911
  • File an electronic report of suspected child abuse at 
  • Call ChildLine (800) 932-0313 and complete a CY 47, (only if you cannot file electronically) 
  • Notify your Administrator, Principal, Director, Etc. 

Are you a Mandated or Permissive Reporter in need of training? 

Go to the Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center for a FREE 3-hour on-line course that provides information on:

  • Recognition of child maltreatment
  • Your obligation or opportunity to report suspicions of abuse
  • Detailed procedures for making a report of child maltreatment

The on-line training meets both Act 31 and Act 126 training requirements.

Request an Educational Meeting with Children and Youth Staff

Children and Youth Staff provide educational meetings to mandated and permissive reporters of child abuse and neglect, as well as, attend community forums to increase child abuse and neglect awareness and foster/resource parent recruitment. 

Contact us for more information

Educational Meetings: Bill Carroll or call 610-278-5853


Pennsylvania’s Child Abuse Resource and Information Portal
Pennsylvania’s Electronic Reporting and Clearance Portal