The Continental Army in Montgomery County

The Continental Army in Montgomery County Interactive Story Map

Everyone knows about George Washington and the Continental Army’s encampment at Valley Forge, but that wasn’t tItinerary of Washington's Movements in Montcohe General’s only stay in Montgomery County.  In fact, the army traveled extensively in our area during the Revolutionary War.  The places where Washington and the Continental Army visited in Montgomery County have sparked interest in local residents as far back as 1955 when County Commissioners put out a paper map tracing Washington’s travels.

In anticipation of America’s 250th anniversary in 2026, Park Ranger Marc Brier of the Peter Wentz Farmstead has put together an updated version of this map, which can be viewed as an interactive story map at the link below.   

The story map features images of original documents, eye witness accounts and interactive maps to bring the account of General Washington and 10,000 continental soldiers’ travel through the county to life. Whether you look at the story map on your phone, tablet or computer, the interactive maps will help you follow along.

 We invite you to use this map and itinerary to explore Montgomery County’s unique past. Using the interactive maps and directions, you can still drive on some of the historic roads that the soldiers traversed and pass by historic milestones and monuments that mark the Continental army’s passage. We sincerely hope that it inspires you to stop by the sites listed in the guide run by the county as well as by some of our associated historic sites.

Special thanks to Dave Long, GIS manager for his assistance, and especially to Computer System Coordinator Bill McLay for developing the maps that accurately trace the army’s travels.  Thanks are also due to the staff of the County’s other historic sites for their support of this project.

Screenshot of Washington in Montco Story Map

Follow this link for The Continental Army in Montgomery County Story Map