Broadband IIJA Programs

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State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program

Why It Was Created: To address cybersecurity risks and threats to information systems owned by local governments
Amount: $1 Billion until spent
Who Is Eligible to Apply: Municipalities, states
Match Requirement: 10%
What It Will Fund: Developing cybersecurity plans and implementing their projects.
Award Amounts: No maximums
Notes: Administered by the Department of Homeland Security.  Local governments are eligible as subapplicants to PEMA and must work with PA’s Cybersecurity Planning Committee to receive subawards.  A minimum of 80% of state allocations must be passed through to local governments, and at least 25% of the total funds nationwide must go to rural communities.

Digital Equity Competitive Grant

Why It Was Created: To promote digital equity and inclusion by ensuring that all people and communities have the skills, technology, and capacity needed to reap the benefits of the digital economy.
Amount: $1.25 Billion until spent
Who Is Eligible to Apply: Municipalities, school districts, non-profits, and workforce development programs
Match Requirement: Unavailable
What It Will Fund: Broadband adoption, digital literacy programs, digital equity programs
Award Amounts:  Unavailable
Notes: Targeted populations for this program include low-income households, aging populations, incarcerated individuals, veterans, individuals with disabilities, individuals with a language barrier, racial and ethnic minorities, and rural inhabitants.

Middle Mile Grants Program

Why It Was Created: To expand and extend middle mile infrastructure to reduce the cost of connecting unserved and underserved areas to the internet backbone.
Amount: $1 Billion over 5 years
Who Is Eligible to Apply: Municipalities, counties, states, MPOs, governmental authorities, utility companies
Match Requirement: 30%
What It Will Fund: The construction, improvement, and/or acquisition of facilities and telecommunications equipment, engineering design, permitting and work related to environmental, historical and cultural reviews, personnel costs, including salaries and fringe benefits
Award Amounts: $5 million to $100 million
Notes: The NTIA has their own Indicators of Broadband Need Map ( that helps determine the census blocks eligible for this program.