Norristown Community Facilities Project

Recovery Office Initiative
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The Montgomery County Recovery Plan allocates $7 million to provide a centralized facility or facilities space for community services and recreation serving the Norristown community. The County Recovery Office will work directly with the Norristown community to coordinate the planning, design, and implementation of this project that responds to the needs expressed by the community. 

This process will catalog existing Norristown assets and resources, review current plans and projects in design or underway, identify community needs, and assist the community in determining the best use of these funds to support a shared vision.  

The $7 million allocated is not designated to a specific organization or location at this time, and could be used for renovation of existing space or other projects, as determined by the community. 

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  • Collect Norristown community input as to what should be included in a community “hub” facility, establishing program of requirements to inform design. 
  • Conduct community facility asset study to establish inventory of available physical building assets in Norristown, providing conditional surveys of designated existing facilities in Norristown. 
  • Develop design plan for renovation and / or construction of facility/-ies based on program of requirements and incorporating sustainable plan for operations. 
  • Renovate and / or construct community center facility/-ies fulfilling program of requirements in line with design plan. 


Community Engagement Workshop: Norristown Community Facilities Project


                                                          Norristown Meeting - Asset Mapping with 3x3Norristown Meeting - Asset Mapping with 3x3-Nov

Thank you for joining our community meeting on November 2, 2023, at Norristown Public Library. The dedicated team from 3x3 organized the event to explore the Norristown Community Facilities project, discussing existing services, strengths, and community aspirations. Your active involvement and insights have been invaluable in shaping our shared vision for this project. Thank you for making this event a success.

Norristown Community Facilities Project Update! 

      • We're making progress! Here's what's happening:
      • The Community Stakeholder Engagement Consultant group (3x3 Design US, LLC) is on board.
      • An Asset Inventory Firm (NORR) is at work.
      • In the coming month, we'll share results and engage with you.
      • Join our meetings and gatherings to shape our community-led initiative!
      • Stay tuned for updates and ways to get involved.
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