ARPA SLRF Reporting


US Treasury requires that the County submit quarterly reports detailing the financial status of its SLFRF award. These reports include programmatic and financial information and allow both the County and the federal government to routinely monitor the use of federal funds and transparently report on all Recovery Plan projects.  

All Recipients (including County Departments) and subrecipients must complete the SLFRF Reporting Form every quarter through December 2026, even if no grant funds were spent or obligated during that reporting period.  

 The Recovery Office manages the reporting process through a web-based reporting tool that compiles individual project information into a single submission through the US Treasury system. 

The Montgomery County SLFRF Funds Management Manual is available here:

SLFRF Funds Management Manual Opens in new window



All County Departments managing Recovery Plan projects and subrecipients must complete the SLFRF Reporting Form four times a year no later than the “Deadline for Completion of Reporting:” 



Reporting Period 

Deadline for completion of ReportingRecovery Office Review of submitted data 
Recovery Office Submission to US Treasury 
1Jan 1 – Mar 31Apr 15
Apr 15 – Apr 27 
Apr 30
2Apr 1 – Jun 30 Jul 15Jul 15 – Jul 27Jul 30
3Jul 1 – Sep 30Oct 15Oct 15 – Oct 27
Oct 31 
4Oct 1 – Dec 31 Jan 15 Jan 15 – Jan 27
Jan 31 



The SLFRF Reporting Form collects financial and program status information every reporting period for each project included in the Recovery Plan. This web-based tool enables analysis, monitoring, and communication regarding each of the 112 projects included in the Recovery Plan, while ensuring compliance with US Treasury reporting requirements. In general, each quarter’s Reporting Form entries detail activity within the period defined as the immediately previous calendar quarter, as illustrated in the above reporting calendar. 

Expenditure Categories: Each Recovery Plan project is assigned one Expenditure Category (EC) based on the type of program, defined by the US Treasury for their management of the national SLFRF program. All Recipient and Subrecipient projects have been assigned an EC, which are built in by the projects to the SLFRF Reporting Form, which displays only those questions pertinent to the project being reported on. EC-based questions in the Reporting Form are focused primarily on programmatic status. A list of Recovery Plan projects with their individual Expenditure Categories is available in the SLFRF Funds Management Manual (Appendix A). For more information click here


Date: Recipient County Departments and Subrecipients: 
After the last day of the reporting period Reconcile all financial transactional information reflected in their financial management system for the reporting period. 
No later than the 15th day of the following month Using financial information reconciled to the financial management system and program data about project activities during the reporting period, complete the online SLFRF Reporting Form by clicking here. 
Until the 30th day of the following month 

 Respond to Recovery Office staff clarifications and inquiries as needed to finalize reporting 



Montgomery County SLFRF Funds Management Manual (PDF version)

 Montgomery County Recovery Plan (PDF version) 

Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF Final Rule) (PDF version)

Coronavirus State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds: Overview of the Final Rule (PDF version)