Historical Research Resources

We frequently receive calls from folks who are tracing family or a property’s history and are looking for clues amongst the documents recorded in our office and available on our Public Access System.

Follow along with Jeanne as she researches the history of a property back to the beginning of Montgomery County in 1784 and discover other documents you might find on our system or in other County offices. Click here to watch the video.


Additionally, the National Trust for Historic Preservation provides these 10 tips for researching your home's history.

Other historical research resources that we frequently receive calls about that may help in family and property research include:

Our office does not record birth and death records, those can be found at the Pennsylvania Vital Records Department. Click here to be directed to the Vital Records website.

Marriage licenses filed in Montgomery County can be searched on the Montgomery County Register of Wills website.

Cemetery plots are not recorded in our office, however, we recommend if you are looking for the final resting place for a veteran, searching the Montgomery County Cemeteries map, provided by the Montgomery County Veterans Affairs office.