Drug and Alcohol Prevention Reports

Annual Reports

Annual reports showcase the drug and alcohol prevention work delivered in Montgomery County. There has been significant growth in services since the start of the new strategic drug and alcohol prevention plan in 2020. 


Strategic Prevention Plan

The Strategic Prevention Planning for Montgomery County Youth and Families report provides an overview of the county's strategic planning efforts conducted jointly by the Office of Drug and Alcohol (ODA) and Office of Mental Health (OMH). The HHS Strategic Plan and the Office of Drug and Alcohol’s Prevention Needs Assessment are the foundation for the ODA and OMH Comprehensive Strategic Plan.

The Montgomery County Prevention Plan Evaluation Report is a comprehensive summary of the efforts made from 2020 – 2022 to address ODA’s short and long-term goals in its Drug & Alcohol Prevention Needs Assessment. The report indicates the status of each goal and the activities delivered by qualified community provider agencies to meet those goals in order to better the health of residents in Montgomery County.

The Status Report of the Strategic Prevention Plan highlights the work accomplished by the Office of Drug & Alcohol and the Office of Mental Health’s network of contracted providers from 2019-2022 in the area of primary prevention for youth and families. 

Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Reports

The Office of Drug & Alcohol and Office of Mental Health were awarded a three-year (2018 – 2021) federal grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) to support youth mental health. These reports showcase the accomplishments of this grant. 

Infographic 2018-2019
Infographic 2019-2020
Infographic 2020-2021

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Reports

HHS is committed to the social-emotional health of students and supports two methods of instruction. These methods are compared in these SEL reports.

Infographic 2019-2020
Infographic 2020-2021
Infographic 2021-2022 

College Reports

In the spring of 2021, the Office of Drug and Alcohol funded a survey implemented on college campuses with the purposes of understanding substance use and mental health among students. The infographic shows the highlights of the survey and a full report is also available.

Montgomery County: College Wellness Survey and Report
Montgomery County: College Wellness Survey Infographic