About the Office

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is one of the largest and most highly trained law enforcement agencies in the County and includes several divisions and specialty units. We serve more than 816,000 residents with a staff of approximately 115 law enforcement officers and 20 administrative staff.

The Office of Sheriff in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is authorized and established by the Constitution of 1784 and the current revisions under which our Commonwealth government now operates. This Constitution provides that a sheriff shall be elected in each county for a four-year term and that his powers, duties, and compensation be prescribed by law. The first election of a sheriff in Montgomery County was held in 1789, and regular elections have been held ever since.

The Sheriff of Montgomery County is the chief law enforcement officer of the County under the Pennsylvania Constitution. While most police work is done by local and state police, the Sheriff’s broad powers authorize he and his deputies to enforce the law.

The Sheriff’s Office is called upon during riots, prison breaches, strikes, and other emergencies which are or may be a breach of the peace. In those instances, he is empowered to call upon all able-bodied adults.

Our primaries duties are to:

  • Ensure safety within the Montgomery County Justice Complex.
  • Enforce court orders.
  • Serve all criminal and civil writs issued by the Courts.
  • Transport prisoners throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and perform extraditions from other states for court proceedings.
  • Assist other law enforcement agencies process DUI offenders.
  • Issue licenses to carry firearms.
  • Conduct sales of real and personal property.
  • Assist local and regional law enforcement agencies during emergencies and apprehensions.