Training Props & Facilities

Administrative Building/Classrooms

The Administrative Building contains 10 classrooms, an auditorium that seats 250, a full kitchen and cafeteria, a pump maintenance room, an immersion lab, equipment and locker rooms, and apparatus bays that house two engines.

In addition to classroom instruction, our cadre of over 150 part-time instructors provides hands-on practical skills training using our state-of-the-art structural burn building, drill tower, smoke house, drafting pit, flammable gas pad, confined space simulator, and trench rescue prop.

Structural Burn Building

The Structural Burn Building complex includes a two-story residential burn building, a two-story commercial burn building, and a four-story high-rise burn building for interior firefighting training.

Drill Tower

A five- and four-story building, the Drill Tower is used for aerial apparatus and ladder work, simulated high-rise training with a standpipe, and rope rescue training.

Smoke House

The Smoke House is a two-story structure containing a maze for practicing search and rescue skills and SCBA familiarization and practice.

Flammable Gas Pad

The Flammable Gas Pad is used for flammable gas and fire extinguisher training. Several mock-ups are used for fire extinguishment and flow control.

Car Fire Prop

The Car Fire Prop uses liquid propane to simulate common vehicle fire situations. It can be used to practice hose line advancement and water application. Because it can be reignited quickly companies can run numerous evolutions without having to wait for the fire to build back up.

Ceiling Pull Prop

The Ceiling Pull Prop is used to teach and practice ceiling pull and overhaul using the real-world feel and effort needed to pull conventional drywall ceilings.

Confined Space Simulator

The Confined Space Simulator is a two-story structure contained within the Drill Tower that effectively represents both horizontal and vertical confined spaces and the hazards that may be found at a confined space incident. Users are able to create dynamic scenarios involving multiple entrants and rescues in a safe and controlled environment.

Forcible Entry Doors

The Forcible Entry Door Props provide realistic, hands on and practical forcible entry training using a set of irons.

Trench Rescue Prop

The Trench Rescue Prop contains both straight line and intersecting trenches as well as features that allow the simulation of trench lip and toe failures as well as underground utilities.

Vehicle Rescue Pad

The Vehicle Rescue Pad has a highway-style guardrail, moveable Jersey barriers, a telephone/electric prop and a sloped area to simulate accidents on an incline that can also be used for low-angle recue training.

Ventilation Prop

The Ventilation Prop is an elevated platform for practicing ventilation techniques and can be adjusted from a flat roof to a peaked roof position. It has over 300 square feet of area to cut from and is completely covered with half-inch plywood. 

Facility Use Requests

Please fill out and submit this form to request the use of the Fire Academy facilities/training props: Facility/Training Prop Use Request