Transportation & Detention

Each year, the Transportation & Detention Division safely moves more than 13,000 defendants facing a variety of charges in Montgomery County. Prisoners are mainly transferred to and from surrounding counties, but can also be transferred throughout the Commonwealth and within the continental United States, if needed. The MCSO is also available to transport defendants to local district justices and police departments.

Transportation & Detention Division deputies are specially trained to operate each of the 34- and 24-passenger customized prison buses, which transports prisoners daily to and from the Montgomery County Corrections Facility. The buses are made with special tamper-proof fasteners, narrow porthole windows, and multi-camera surveillance to provide maximum safety for the drivers, passengers, and the public. There are also several additional safety-equipped transport vans and SUVs.

The 16-cell Detention Center is located on the Plaza level of the Montgomery County Courthouse and can hold up to 100 prisoners awaiting court hearings. The cells include accommodations for mentally or physically disabled prisoners, female prisoners, and lawyer consultations.