Courts Division

The Courts Division is comprised of approximately 55 highly trained law enforcement staff.

They screens hundreds of employees and visitors who come to the Montgomery County Justice Complex each day. As a result, they confiscate thousands of dangerous weapons, substances, and drug paraphernalia at the entrances, before they can be brought into the courthouse.

Deputies also guard 25 courtrooms and safely transports an average of 50 prisoners per day from the courthouse detention center to hearings.

Many Courts Division deputies also serve on other MCSO specialty units such as the Bomb Unit, Emergency Response Team (ERT), K9 Unit and Bicycle Patrol Unit. As a result of this special training, they are prepared to handle increased security details for high profile cases and respond to active threats.

An additional special team of Courts Division deputies is assigned to assist domestic violence victims, by safely escorting them throughout the Complex during processing and hearings.