What is Montgomery County Pretrial Services?

Pretrial Services is a department that receives budgetary support from the Montgomery County Commissioners.  It falls under the jurisdiction of the Supervision Services Department, which in turn falls under the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.

What does Pretrial Services do?

The department has two primary functions.  The first is to investigate and compile information on individuals who are arrested and charged with criminal felony and/or misdemeanor offense(s).  The staff then synthesize collected information into a report.  The report assists the judiciary with release and detention decisions.  If the court releases the defendant and orders conditions of release that includes pretrial monitoring, staff monitor and enforce defendant compliance and report non-compliance to the court.  The department structures all activities to address the purposes of bail: to assure appearance in court and minimize danger to the community.

Do I have to report to Pretrial Services if I pay monetary bail?

Yes, if the bail order requires you to satisfy a monetary amount and orders pretrial monitoring.

Does pretrial services have the ability to modify bail conditions?

No, only a judge can modify conditions of bail.  Defendants should contact their attorney and discuss any concerns they have regarding bail conditions.