Data Dashboards

Online Job Postings by Workforce Development Area

Provided by the PA Department of Labor and Industry's Center for Workforce Information & Analysis, this data set aggregates online job postings by Workforce Development Area (WDA) by several different categories, including:

  • Growing Industries
  • Growing Occupations
  • Job Type
  • Major Groups
  • Occupations by Industry
  • Top Certifications
  • Top Cities
  • Top Employers
  • Top Industries
  • Top Occupations

To view a specific category, simply select the tab of the specification you’re interested in along the top of the page. To view the information of a specific, WDA, use the drop-down box right below the category tabs and select the WDA(s) you’d like to view and/or compare.

County Statistics

The County Statistics Interactive Dashboard allows the user to select a county via a map and view the annual percentage of population age 16+ in the labor force by age group for that county compared to the state. The annual labor force participation rate by age group is also included.

Industries of Interest (IOI)

The Industries of Interest (IOI) Interactive Dashboard below presents IOI data at the county level. Due to the small number of establishments or dominance of single establishments in some of the industry employment lines, only percentages are shown. You can choose one county by clicking on the map or choose multiple counties using the drop-down menu. You can also specify what industry code(s) to display. For a more complete description of how IOIs are determined and to view the data for PA and WDA IOIs in Excel or PDF format please visit the static version of our Industries of Interest publication.

Weekly Unemployment Compensation Claims

The Weekly Unemployment Compensation Claims Dashboard provides an interactive look at the weekly numbers. The dashboard allows you to select a week ending date, the type of claim (initial or continued), and an area (county or statewide) A breakdown of claims based on age group, gender, race/ethnicity, and industry sector will then be displayed.