Teen Driver Safety

Impact Teen Drivers

The Montgomery County Office of Public Health partners with Impact Teen Drivers to administer an evidence-based educaImpact Logotional program that aims to reduce car crashes.

Did you know? 

  • The #1 killer of young people in America is distracted and reckless driving. 
  • Almost 4,000 teens lose their lives every year and 400,000 are seriously injured in car crashes. 
  • 50% of teen driving fatalities are passengers when being driven by another teen driver. 

       Source: Impact Teen Drivers  

Impact seeks to create a driving culture that is distraction-free, saving lives in this generation and all future generations of drivers. 

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Teen Module 

Impact Teen ModuleTeens, whether you have your learner’s permit or full license, we want to empower you to make responsible decisions and avoid reckless and distracted driving.

Consider participating in our Impact Program by taking Impact’s free, 1-hour, “What Do You Consider Lethal?”  Teen Module*

Parent Module

Impact Parent ModuleWhen a teen receives their junior or provisional license in the state of Pennsylvania, he or she will follow the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) law which includes passenger and nighttime driving restrictions. The GDL law is designed to keep young drivers safe and minimize risk as they continue to gain experience.

To learn more, check out Impact’s free, 1-hour Pennsylvania GDL  Parent Module* that will guide you and teens through the GDL program and PA young driver laws. This module also covers risks for teen drivers and strategies to help prevent motor vehicle crashes among this age group. 

*Note: Users need to create a free account with Impact Teen Drivers. Once the account is created, users will be able to access the online modules.