About the Department

Our Agency
The Adult Probation and Parole Department acts as an extension of the Board of Judges of Montgomery County. The agency has the responsibility to supervise in the community all probationers, parolees, and intermediate punishment cases who are under the Montgomery County Board of Judges’ authority.

Supervision of these offenders is accomplished through visits with the offenders in their homes, in the community, and in the probation office. In addition to general supervision, we provide intercounty and interstate supervision services, conduct and prepare pre-sentence investigations and reports, and maintain an intensive supervision unit monitoring drug and alcohol, dual-diagnosed, and mental health offenders. We also provide house arrest and electronic monitoring, as well as a community service program.

Besides the general supervision and rehabilitative services provided to all individuals under our jurisdiction, the department also tries to identify individuals with special needs. We have developed a specialized staff that provides intensive drug and alcohol and mental health counseling; sex offender, house arrest, and electronic monitoring; restrictive intermediate punishment (RIP); and Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) services.

Pre-sentence Investigations & Reports
Further, at the direction of the court, the department also performs pre-sentence investigations and reports. These reports are biographical in nature for individuals who have been convicted of a crime and are awaiting sentencing. The court then uses the information provided in these reports to aid them in the sentencing process.

"Probation and parole: working for a better community."