Find Your Polling Location

We recommend checking your voter registration information via the Department of State's Online Portal to ensure all of your information is correct & to find your polling location. Click here to access the online portal.

Before each election, voters should double check all aspects of their Voter Registration to ensure their address, party affiliation and name have been recorded correctly. Polling locations are assigned based on the address in your Voter Registration & are subject to change between elections.

Polling locations can change for a variety of reasons- the population of the precinct could have grown too large for the previous buildings capacity, a building may be under construction, or the property owner is no longer willing or able to host electors. 

Polling locations must be finalized within 20 days of an Election, unless a location experiences an emergency that would make their facility unavailable. 

If you have any questions about voting in person, you can click here to contact us

To view an interactive map of all voting districts and their respective polling locations, please click here. Please note, this map is showing the approved polling locations for the 2022 General Election. Polling locations may change for future Elections.