Welcome to Orienteering!

Orienteering is a sport of Scandinavian origin. The game’s objective is to locate fairly easy-to-find markers in the woods with the aid of a map and, if you like, a compass. The challenge of orienteering results from participants’ not knowing ahead of time the markers’ locations. The test lies in determining the best routes between these locations and, in the sport’s competitive form, in finding all these points (called controls) in the least possible time. At its best, not only does orienteering improve your knowledge of geography and practical navigation, it enhances physical and mental fitness as well.

Orienteering is a sport for people of all ages, abilities, and gender. Participants can travel alone or in groups, running or strolling, to win the contest or merely to savor nature’s beauty, which, as any orienteer will attest, is winning itself. The sport provides excellent family fare.

Click here or on the map to view the Green Lane Park Orienteering Map

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