Juvenile Probation

JPO Building


In Montgomery County, the juvenile justice system is dedicated to ensuring that citizens live in safety, that victims are restored to the extent possible and that juvenile offenders are held accountable and develop competencies to become positive members of society.  This is accomplished by utilizing Evidenced Based Practices.  Furthermore, we are committed to carrying out this mission with dignity, respect, and compassion for all.  Our mission is based on a set of values commonly known as restorative justice which emphasizes repairing harm to victims and communities.  Accountability is defined in terms of offenders taking action to repair the harm they caused.  These values are the philosophical framework for all that we do.

To ensure that victims, communities and juvenile offenders receive fair and balanced attention and gain tangible benefits from their interaction with the juvenile justice system, the Juvenile Probation Department, in collaboration with its many community based, statewide and national partners, provide a variety of services.  Each service is provided after first considering how to balance the needs of the victims, juvenile offenders and communities.  Through all this, we seek to assist in promoting long term behavior change.  This "balanced approach" means that we consider:  

Community Safety

By matching the level of risk to the level of restriction imposed so that citizens can live in safe and secure communities.

Offender accountability
By determining ways offenders can actively work to make amends for the harm they caused.

Competency Development
By enabling offenders to learn skills to become productive, responsible members of their communities.