Black History Month

2024 National Theme: African Americans and the Arts

“The celebration of Black Americans within the vast field of Art, has evolved, redefined and appreciated since the beginning of time. Certain elements which may have originated as a utilitarian in use or expression, are now considered works of Art. Beauty and art are truly in the eyes of the beholder and fortunately, we are no longer confined to narrow-minded, rigid perspectives from traditional schools and academies of art. Thanks to those who challenged the status quo, Black American Art now encompasses literature, music, theater, architecture, fashion and beyond. These artistic expressions, often grow from pain, loss or suffering but positively elevate society. Art that was dismissed, is now distinguished. What was ridiculed is now respected and often stolen or misappropriated. Whether Art is an expression of ideas, purposed for daily needs or preserved in various forms to preserve history, it will always be relevant. Join us as we learn of these wonderful, inspiring contributions to the Arts, in all its interesting forms.”  


Black History Month Flyer 2024

Virtual Events

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Registration will be required for each event. 

  • Wednesday, February 7: Blacks/African Americans in the Arts – Visual, Movies & Film - YouTube
  • Wednesday, February 14: The Influence of Black Music & Dance - YouTube
  • Wednesday, February 21: African Americans Hair Art & Fashion - YouTube

In-Person Event

Celebrate African Americans' contributions to the arts with music, literature, visual art, and delicious food. Join us for this inspiring event! Registration is not required to attend. Lunch will be served after the program.

Wednesday, February 28
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
1430 DeKalb Street, Norristown, PA 19401
Community Room, 1st floor

Parking: Off-street parking is available or parking in garage is $5.00.

2024 Committee Members

NameOffice/OrganizationNumber of Years on the Committee
Terrance BarnesRecovery OfficeDone 1
Charles ClarkHHS Office of Drug & Alcohol1
Shanita FieldsHHS Office of Public Health4
Lora GonzalezMontgomery County Department of Health and Human Services8
Anya GoodmanHHS Office of Public Health7
Mila HayesHHS, Office of Public Health2
Hon. Hakim JonesMontgomery County District Court14+
Juanita RobinsonHHS Office of Children & Youth4
Sonya SandersMontgomery County Sheriff's Office6
Tammy TarloskiMontgomery County Department of Health and Human Services5
Taneesha WilliamsHHS Office of Children & Youth1
Lynne WillisHHS Office of Community Connections19
Naomi WinchesterMontgomery County Security1

HHS = Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services

Bonus Material

Listen to a local student from Norristown Area School District - Brianna Arroyo's rendition of Lift Every Voice and Sing.