Adoption Packet

In order to facilitate the adoption process, the Montgomery County Orphans’ Court asks that you utilize the forms included in the Adoption Packet. The use of uniform petitions will help ensure that all necessary steps are taken and all of the required information is included in the Court filings.

These forms, checklists, petitions and decrees conform to the Adoption Act, 23 Pa. C.S.A. §2101, et seq., as of December 1, 2020. The Montgomery County Orphans’ Court will attempt to keep all forms current, however, it is your responsibility to verify that petitions and decrees are valid as changes to the statute occur.

Counsel and pro se filers must be aware of the confidentiality requirements for records in adoption proceedings, and must make no unauthorized disclosures of identifying information to birth parents or adoptive parents. Only the adoptee’s initials should be used in the captions of all documents, as well as cover sheets required for filing. The full name may be used in petitions and exhibits.

It is the Court’s hope that these forms and checklists will help with your questions as you complete the adoption process. Please note that Court staff is unable to provide legal advice regarding adoptions or filings.

We suggest downloading the below forms, which will allow you to access all of the features of the fillable PDF forms. 

The Court recommends electronic filing of all adoption-related petitions to ensure expeditious processing. Access the Court's Electronic Filing System HERE.

If you should have any questions regarding the Adoption Packet or forms, please contact  the Clerk of Orphans' Court, at or 610-278-3400.