Community Connections Services For Residents


You will speak with a Navicate to determine your needs and which resources are the best fit. Community Connections Information and Referral is comprehensive because it provides information about all human services within the Navicate’s geographic area. Please be prepared for the discussion to last around 20 to 25 minutes.


Any Montgomery County resident or anyone calling on behalf of a Montgomery County resident.

Length of Service

Varies depending on the unique needs of the individual, but typically 1-2 contacts.


PCC is slightly more involved and intense than typical information and referral assistance but not as intense as formal case management. The Navicate and consumer will collaboratively develop an action plan outlining needs and potential resources.


Any Montgomery County resident over the age of 60 or who has a self-identified disability, as well as two or more needs. The consumer must agree to receive follow up from the Navicate as well as possible follow up from the PA State Department of Aging for consumer feedback.

Length of Service

The minimum enrollment in PCC services is about 1 month, but can vary based on needs.



This service is provided in partnership with the PA Link on Aging and Disability