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Expanding Our Vision Of Open Space And Trails: How Can We Safely Socialize, Exercise, And Relax Outdoors If Parks And Trails Are Crowded Or Closed?

Given the overwhelming number of people visiting our parks, trails, and open spaces, it is vital that we respond to this increased outdoor recreation demand with creative solutions that provide more space and alternatives to supplement our traditional outdoor recreational spaces. With the exponential rise in outdoor enthusiasts in response to the pandemic and the crucial need for social distancing, simply put, we need more space! The good news is we have it in the form of streets, parking lots, cemeteries, golf courses, and school grounds. While we might not immediately think of these places as substitutes for open space and trails, the opportunity is there for us to embrace them as recreational assets for our community’s well-being during the pandemic. We might even discover these newfound recreational spaces serve us so well that we will continue to use them going forward, folding them into our base of recreational options and habits. 


Adaptive Streets:



Golf Courses:

Parking lots/garages/parklets:

School Properties/College Campuses:



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