Restart Montco - Multimodal and Biking Alternatives

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How Can We Safely Exercise Outdoors if the Trails Are Crowded?

Since the start of the pandemic, the number of people using Montgomery County’s popular trail system has exploded, making it challenging to properly observe social distancing. In response, Montgomery County created a web app to help people find low-stress streets where they can comfortably walk, bike, and jog throughout neighborhoods instead. 


Web App


  • DVRPC Bicycle LTS and Connectivity Analysis
    Web map that ranks roads based on Level of Traffic Stress (LTS), a road classification system based on the comfort to bicyclists and includes  rankings for individual streets and maps islands of low traffic stress
  • Bike Montco: The Bicycle Plan for Montgomery County
    Montgomery County’s 2018 bicycle plan includes a future vision of a planned bicycle network based in part on data derived from the DVRPC Bicycle LTS and Connectivity Data


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