Restart Montco

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RESTART Montco is a new MCPC initiative that focuses on how planning can help our communities adjust and recover from the effects of the shutdowns required during the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to provide resources, inform, and encourage open dialogue and community collaboration on common issues around our physical and land use environment that are key to facilitating a successful reopening. RESTART Montco is designed to be beneficial to municipal staff and officials, business owners, nonprofits, and the general public as our county deals with the unique and challenging threats and effects of the pandemic

Planning Topics

RESTART Montco is organized into six general categories with specific topics explored through curated outside resources, MCPC-created content, stories or examples of success, and forums for public discussion. For each topic, MCPC has created a Planning Paper, which delves into the topic and provides additional resources. RESTART Montco will be updated continually as challenges and solutions evolve. This platform may also be used as a conduit for providing direct planning assistance to communities, when requested.

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