Accounts Payable

Functions of the Accounts Payable Staff

Accounts Payable processes an average of approximately 1,600 payment requests per week. The dedicated payables staff accomplishes this task with two fewer employees than was needed 10 years ago. This accomplishment is due to the dedication and talents of our staff as well as the efficiency of our new financial system.

Switching to Direct Deposit

In mid-2006, Accounts Payable began the ambitious task of converting vendors from paper checks to payment by direct deposit (also known as ACH). Vendors receive an email with a remittance stub attachment to notify them of the details of the transaction and the arrival date of their funds. Vendors find their funds in their bank account and available on the day of disbursement rather than having to wait to receive a check in the mail that then must be cashed at a bank.

This efficient and safe method of payment has been well received by our vendors, and it has the added benefit of saving county funds, as the electronic payments are cheaper to process. We continue to roll out the program to all interested vendors.

Acting Custodian of County Documents

A little known fact is that Accounts Payable also serves as the county’s custodian of documents. Such documents as deeds, contracts, bonds, and any documents related to the county’s financial affairs are safeguarded by the Accounts Payable Department.