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Pottsgrove Manor’s mission is to interpret and preserve the story of eighteenth-century ironmaster and founder of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, John Potts. This story includes the Potts family and household, John’s 1752 home, Pottsgrove Manor, the family’s business associations, and the time and place in which they lived. This mission is accomplished through guided tours, object collection and interpretation, changing exhibits, special events, research, and publications.

The site hosts a collection of early cast-iron stove plates and fire backs, including two which remain in their original locations in fireplaces in the manor house.  A  highlight of the collection at Pottsgrove Manor is an English silver tankard made by London silversmith William Grundy in 1761, and owned by John and Ruth Potts during the time when they lived at Pottsgrove Manor. In  addition, the site’s holdings include a small archival collection of wills, indentures, and marriage certificates of members of the Potts and Rutter families. Two ledgers are also housed in the collection, the Pine Forge ledger of 1741 and the Pottsgrove ledger of 1751-1754. 

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To search our online collections, please click here: Pottsgrove Manor Collections Online  The online access will grow as we add more images.

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