Poll Worker Information

Hello & Welcome to the Poll Worker information hub for the 2024 Primary Election on April 23, 2024.

Thank you for interest to work at the polls - we appreciate your commitment to democracy! 

Click here for a full list of In-person Training sessions and sign up for a slot.

Click here to access the materials for the 2022 Election Cycle Zoom Workshop Series.

Click here to see the full presentation for the 2023 General Election In-Person Training session.

How does Poll Worker Scheduling work?

Voter Services begins by contacting the Elected Judges of Election & any Judges who were appointed to fill vacancies in the previous Election to determine if they intend to work. Once a Judge has been confirmed as working, they will receive an email from our system indicating that they have been confirmed. From there, we will work with the Judge to ensure the rest of the team is contacted. The Judge of Elections will receive periodic emails from Voter Services with a listing of who is confirmed as working. 

The Judge of Election is highly encouraged to contact their team directly and report a listing of confirmed Poll Workers to Voter Services. We can provide the contact information for previous Poll Workers & new volunteers in that precinct at any time - just email PollWorkers@MontgomeryCountyPA.Gov and a team member will provide that information to you. 

The Judge of Election is entitled to appoint the Machine Operator & the Minority Inspector is entitled to appoint a Clerk. To appoint a person to one of these positions, simply supply the persons name, address, email address & phone number to Voter Services. We will ensure that they are a registered voter in Montgomery County and add them to the roster for the precinct. The newly appointed individual will receive an email confirming their appointment with instructions on how to access this area of the website for training information. The Judge of Elections will receive their contact information as well. 

It is critical that Voter Services knows who is working well ahead of Election Day. We must ensure that all Poll Workers are registered to vote in Montgomery County, connect them with training, and keep our records updated so that we can more effectively focus our recruiting efforts. We would like to have all of our Poll Workers in place by April 8th so that everyone has the opportunity to attend training.  

Please note: If a poll worker is found to not meet the eligibility requirements for working the polls, they will not be paid.  

Contact The Team

Email: Pollworkers@montgomerycountypa.gov

Phone: 610-278-3280 x5

Training Videos & Manuals

Judges of Elections/Machine Operator(s):

Anyone serving as a Machine Operator or Judge of Elections should watch these three videos and review the manuals. The manuals will be provided in your Election Day Materials, so you do not need to print them unless you prefer to do so. 

The first video reviews how to prepare the equipment to open the polls, the second videos reviews how to close the equipment after the last voter leaves, and the third video provides troubleshooting guidance for common issues with the equipment. 

Click here to view the manual for Machine Operators. 


Anyone serving as a Majority Inspector, Minority Inspector, Clerk or Judge of Elections should view the next video & review the manual. This manual will be included in the Election Day Materials so you do not need to print it unless you prefer to do so. 

Click here to view the manual for Inspectors & Clerks.

Click here to access an in-depth guide to Provisional Ballots.

Judges of Elections:

All Judges of Elections should watch the next video and review the manual below. These will be included in the Election Day materials and do not need to be printed unless you prefer to do so. 

Click here to access the manual for the Judge of Elections.

Click here to access an in-depth guide to Provisional Ballots.

Training Guides

Here is a listing of all of the manuals for your convenience.

Printed copies are included in the Election Day Materials, but you can also print this on your own if you'd prefer. 

Judge of Elections Manual

Inspector & Clerk Manual

Machine Operator Manual

The Department of State also provided this guide regarding Poll Watchers:

Poll Watcher Guidance from the Department of State