Fraud Protection

The Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds Office offers an expanded property fraud profile feature with automatic alerts. This program is called FraudSleuth

Property owners can set-up their profile(s) online through our Public Access System and receive alerts if a document is recorded at our office against the information included in their profile. We recommend users set up a profile using their property Parcel Identification Number as it is a unique identifier, as names and addresses are common. 

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This tool is being offered to allow Montgomery County property owners to be involved in combating fraud. This program alerts the property owner shortly after a document matching the criteria completed in their user profile is recorded. Together, constituents and the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds office is taking a proactive step in fighting fraud.

To sign up for FraudSleuth, sign into the Public Access System and follow the instructions provided here.

You can also follow along with Jeanne as she signs up for FraudSleuth in this video.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 610-278-3289.

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