How to Access Drug and Alcohol Placement/Treatment Services

Screening and Assessment

Persons seeking treatment services work with a Case Manager and complete a standardized comprehensive clinical screening and assessment to determine:

  1. Any acute needs requiring immediate attention at the time of contact
  2. The most appropriate level of service
  3. Any special needs related to medical conditions, medications, women and children issues, mental health issues, physical handicaps, cultural, ethnic and sexual orientation considerations
  4. Placement at or referral to the Provider most suited to meet the client's needs

Financial Screening

Persons seeking county funding will work with a Case Manager who will assist the client in completing a financial screening and direct the client on the best method to access these funding sources.

The funds available through the County program are reserved for individuals where no other payment resource is available. By state regulation, the order for payment of services is:

  1. Private pay
  2. Private insurance
  3. Medicare/Medicaid
  4. County Drug and Alcohol funding


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