Deed of Correction

Note: A newly executed deed, entitled a Deed of Correction, is necessary to make a correction to a deed. If you are re-recording a deed or another type of document, see the instructions under Re-Record Documents.

1. As with any deed, the newly executed deed being filed as a Deed of Correction needs original signatures and a properly executed acknowledgement.

2. The document must be titled Deed of Correction.

3. A correction statement must be made within the newly executed deed.

4. A copy of the original recorded document with no changes, must accompany the Statement of Value forms submitted with the Deed of Correction. Note that two (2) original Statement of Value Forms must be submitted showing an exemption to the transfer tax because it is a Deed of Correction. In addition to completing the information required on that form, the submitter must check the "Corrective or Confirmatory Deed" box and also the "Other" box to explain the correction. Our office will send the statements of value to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue along with the provided copy of the original recording to support the exemption.