Re-Record Documents

Note: Satisfaction of Mortgage and UCC documents may not be re-recorded.

Note: The Board of Assessment requires that the old registry sticker be crossed out on the document, so they may register the new document.

The filer must use the original recorded document (not a copy) to submit a re-recording.  The Recorder of Deeds Cover Page with recording information should be attached to the document being re-recorded as it is now part of the legal document. 

1. On the original recorded document presented for re-recording write a correction statement as to why the document is being re-recorded either on the Recorder of Deeds Cover Page or on the first page of the document.

2. The person making the correction statement must sign under the statement.

3. The signature of the person making the correction statement must be acknowledged on a separate acknowledgement page, which becomes the last page of the re-recording.

4. The necessary corrections to the document must be made on the document. 

5. For documents with transfer taxes:  If the document that is being re-recorded originally included realty transfer taxes (such as a deed, or other deed-type documents) and the re-recorded document is not subject to realty transfer taxes, a copy of the original recorded document with no changes, must accompany the Statement of Value Form (REV-183) form.  If you are submitting the re-recorded document by mail, two original Statement of Value forms must be submitted.