BioHazardous Waste

Biohazardous waste is not accepted at Household Hazardous Waste collection events!

Biohazardous waste refers to biological substances that may pose a threat to human health. Outlined below are types of biohazardous waste. This waste must be disposed of by a permitted medical infectious waste company. Medical supplies, equipment or tainted materials like gloves, towels, used bandages and dressings, and tubes that have come in contact with the materials mentioned below are also classified as biohazardous waste. 

  • human blood and it's components: in liquid or semi-liquid, dried or not
  • human fluids: in liquid or semi-liquid, dried or no
  • human pathological waste: all human tissues, organs and body parts
  • animal waste: all animal carcasses and body parts
  • microbiological waste: laboratory waste containing infectious agents
  • sharps waste: sharp medical utensils such as scalpels, needles, glass slides that have been contaminated with infectious material

Below are medical waste companies to contact for the proper disposal of biohazardous waste.  DO NOT bring biohazardous materials to a County Household Hazardous Waste event.

BioMedical Waste Solutions
The Definitive Guide to Medical Waste Disposal
1-877-974-1300 or

Biohazardous Medical Waste Disposal
866-783-7422 or