Montco Trail Challenge

MONTCO Trail Challenge

The 2023 Montco Trail Challenge has ended.

Thank you to all who supported and participated in the 2023 Montco Trail Challenge.  Be sure to check back in the spring of 2024 to learn more about the next Montco Trail Challenge!

Benefits of the Montco Trail Challenge 

Montgomery County boasts over 92 miles of trails that connect greenways, waterways, and heritage. Most Montgomery County residents are located within a few miles of a wonderful trail experience!

A survey of 2023 Trail Challenge participants found:

  • Visited a new park or trail - 90% 
  • Learned something new about your community - 63% 
  • Walk more - 74% 
  • Bike more - 21% 
  • Run more - 13% 
  • Improve your physical health - 65% 
  • Improve your mental health - 76% 

Participant Testimonials

"This is probably my favorite spring/summer/fall event. Every year it provides a little extra motivation to visit trails I don’t usually go to." 

"We enjoy the challenge of the Challenge. Every year is something new. The trailhead map is very helpful and I have always received good and prompt advice when I contact you. Thank you." 

 "This was so much fun for me. I really enjoyed searching for the trailhead and learning more about the trails. I definitely got to know Montgomery County better." 

 "My husband and I had SO MUCH FUN doing the challenge. We loved exploring new parks (all were new to us!) and looking for the challenge signs. It was a really cool activity." 


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Our trail systems and connections have been noted as some of the finest trails in the country and most Montgomery County residents are no further than a few miles from a wonderful trail experience.
The Montco Trail Challenge is a collaborative effort of the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Office of Public Health, Planning Commission, Parks, Trails, and Historic Sites, and Commissioners.