Electronic Filing

Note to e-filers:

If your submitted documents are a picture file that have been converted to a PDF, the documents may darken throughout the printing and scanning process. If your documents become too dark to be legible, the Court may require you to resubmit your file.

E-Filing with the Prothonotary's Office

The Montgomery County Prothonotary Office has developed an electronic case filing system (e-filing) allowing attorneys and parties to electronically file civil documents and receive a response regarding the status of their filing(s).

Electronic filing allows the filer to send documents 24/7 from any location with Internet access up until 11:59 p.m. and still meet a filing deadline. The system is not mandatory. Pleadings and other legal papers can still be filed in the traditional manner by delivery to the courthouse during normal business hours.

Emergency Petitions

An emergency petition should be filed in person at the Norristown office. They should not be e-filed or submitted to the Willow Grove Annex.

E-File Now

CLICK HERE FOR EFILING INSTRUCTIONS. Please note: a modern web browser such as Chrome or Edge is recommended. Internet Explorer is not supported. If you do not receive the registration email, please check your spam folder.

Note: The Case Records Public Access Policy of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania requires filers to safeguard confidential information using a Confidential Information Form.   

E-Filing Help & Resources

To e-file or use the Civil Case Viewer please select from the following links:

If you have further questions about e-filing, please call the office at 610-278-3361.